Chuchu Briquet (b. 1978) is a Taiwanese born artist currently based in Toulouse, France.

Her creative practice includes painting, drawing and printmaking.

Having graduated from Central Saint Martins with a master's degree in fashion design, Chuchu Briquet has navigated diverse paths within the creative industry over the past twenty years. This extensive experience has honed her artistic skills and deepened her understanding of various art forms, allowing her to freely project her visions through different techniques and mediums.

She is interested in Space Science, Buddhist philosophy, ancient Chinese metaphysics, and is inspired by the connecting dots between these seemingly different areas.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey is deeply influenced by the awe-inspiring mysteries of the cosmos. The interplay of celestial bodies, the formation of galaxies, and the boundless expanse of the universe fuel my imagination and creativity.

While both Chinese metaphysics and Buddhist philosophy provide a deeper dimension to my art - the cyclical nature of time and energy, the concept of impermanence and endless transformations are woven into the storytelling.

Through abstract forms and colours, I aim to capture the grandeur and subtlety of space, to reflect the continuous flow of energy that shapes our reality. My work invites viewers to ponder their place in the infinite tapestry of existence and encourages a profound connection with oneself and the universe.